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Save Money…No Realtor….New Construction???….


We all try to save money….of course, its as American as apple pie, but sometimes what you don’t know – can hurt you.  Its so important that you use a REALTOR® who knows the loop holes in real estate & can anticipate the problems before their clients get themselves into something that can actually cost them thousands of dollars.  If you think a buyer does not need representation when deciding to purchase a new build think again – A good REALTOR® can save a client thousands of dollars at a new build. A good REALTOR® will not allow their client to put a contract on a property if they are not qualified financially.  Note that one of the people in this news story is a real estate agent that lost thousands on a property she contracted to build but could not afford. The other person did not understand the contract and signed it anyway.

…. if you don’t think it can happen to you!

Why you need an agent when dealing with new construction

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A good REALTOR® can be worth their weight in gold!