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Home Owners Assocations….

HOA or no HOA… that is the question.

Did your neighbor just paint the brick on their house?  But, wait …they live in an HOA, it regulates even what color the front door color can be painted.

HOA Painted Brick-

When purchasing a home it is really important that you know if the home is in an HOA or not.  Some people really like being in an HOA…it keeps the neighborhood looking nice, no trash cans in front of the garage, no weeds in the flower beds, no boats parked in the drive way & rusting.  Then you have the homeowners who don’t want to be told what they can and can not do on “their property”.   What’s appealing to one person may not be appealing to another, sort of like tattoos-not everyone likes them while, there are those who love them.

More about The Basics of Conditions Covenants & Restrictions  (CC&R’s)

That’s why buyers should definitely read the CC&R’s of the HOA’s even if they have fallen in love with the home.  If they  don’t read and abide by the rules then it could mean BIG problems for the homeowner who bought in a Home Owners Association!