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There are lots of different strategies when a buyer is confronted with a multiple offer situation.  So, it will be important that you are working with a professional real estate agent who knows the nuances of the contract and the areas that make a contract shine in the midst of the other contracts.

  • Your buyer-representative will explain the pros and cons of these (and possibly other) negotiating strategies. The decisions, however, are yours to make.

One strategy that has had great results is to put a face with the offer. To make a seller receptive to the offer to purchase the home, you can make the seller feel a connection to the buyer using a letter. We help our buyers write a letter to the seller letting them know why they are the perfect buyer….and you also want to make sure you don’t say things that could potentially make the seller …slide your offer to the side or to the round file.

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What Does It Really Mean To Have A REALTOR®?

12-30-14 Tough-Decision

My first real estate transaction was many years ago.  Recently married, my husband & I decided to buy a home, we didn’t even have a computer, let alone, the internet.  I would drive through the neighborhoods and if I found a home for sale,  I’d tell my husband & then at another time we would drive by the home.  If we both thought we liked it, we would call the number on the sign in the yard.  Now all that is changed…you can look on-line, view all kinds of homes, narrow your choices down…in fact, you can see the insides without even going outside!  How cool is that!

Computer w:RE posts

Welcome to the “new world” as I call it….the world of the INTERNET  & it provides  a world of information …sometimes information overload.  We can find everything we need at our fingertips-from how to’s, medical information, even find  homes for sale!  But wait, do you skip going to the doctor because you can self diagnose yourself now?  No….same thing goes for a Realtor®.  You can’t replace a professional.  You still need someone to analyze the market, help guide and consult you through the process, to negotiate on your behalf and over see the transactional details.

The Bottom Line

You need someone looking out for your best interest!

If your buying real estate, you need a “Buyers Representation Agreement” because,  by default if you are not being represented….then the agents are representing the seller.  Even though they may showing you the home….did you know they are representing  the Seller!?

Now if you are the seller (not a FSBO) you are being represented when you have a listing agreement.

Did you know this?  Not everyone understands this.

What does  “Buyers Representation” mean?  Your being represented.  Make sure that is the case!