Title Insurance – Do You Need It?

In short, title insurance protects against problems affecting the title to your home. You may think having a serious problem with your title is rather remote, but, in fact, title companies find problems in 25% of their title searches. Common problems are liens against the property from unpaid sub-contractors, unpaid property or income taxes or judgment holders. Other issues that can cloud title that are not so easy to detect include forged signatures in the chain of title, recording errors, undisclosed easements and title claims by missing heirs or ex-spouses.

There are two types of title insurance—an owner’s policy and a lender’s policy. When you obtain a new loan, the lender will require you to purchase a lender’s policy. A lender’s title policy protects the lender’s interest in the property should a problem arise. It does not cover the owner’s equity in the property, and will not pay the homeowner’s legal expenses if there is a problem. Only an owner’s title insurance policy will protect the homeowner. Owner’s title insurance is optional, but it protects the homeowner by paying claims and legal fees should a problem arise with the title of a property. Owner’s title insurance is purchased for a one-time fee at the original purchase and provides coverage for as long as you own an interest in the property or provide financing for a subsequent buyer. It also covers any liabilities you have under the title warranties you make when you sell the property.

A title insurance policy is your protection against loss of your rights to the property. When you consider that your home is probably your most valuable asset, title insurance makes fnancial sense.



Fasten Your Seatbelt… We May Be Experiencing Some Turbulence

This phase of the transaction is Removing Conditions!

ADD Paper Airplane – Turbulence Video HERE

Because there are many people involved in the transaction -click on the link at the end to get your list of 88 types of turbulence we may run into during the course of your transaction. Well, now that we have entered the phase of removing conditions, we will need to review that list as often as possible to keep our journey as smooth as possible. As your consultants, we intend to keep functioning as your “expert pilot” during this time – and keep us on track towards your destination of homeownership with the least turbulence possible.

     In the event any turbulence occurs, please know that we will diligently work to serve your interests and keep us on a smooth flight plan. We will stay in close contact with you over the next few weeks as we weather this sometimes-stormy part of our trip. In the meantime, sit back and enjoy the trip, knowing your journey is in good hands.

TURBULENCE – 88 Types – Click here to print out

Your challenge….Just For Fun.  How far can you fly and how long???…or perhaps show us your tricks FLY YOUR PLANE 

Click here to Print Out A Fun Plane To Make & Fly and don’t forget to enter the CHALLENGE!!

Easter Egg Hunts in DFW Area

Egg Hunts in Flower Mound, Lewisville, Corinth, Coppell, Double Oak, Grapevine, Highland Village, The Colony, and more!


Saturday, March 25

Saturday, April 1

Sunday, April 2

Saturday, April 8

Thursday, April 13

Saturday, April 15

Sunday, April 16

Silly Wabbit…Tricks are for Kids!

Please verify prior to going that these events are still taking place

Is it Important to Use a Professional to Sell Your Home?

The Importance of Using a Professional to Sell Your Home | Keeping Current Matters

After a homeowner decides to sell their house, usually their main goal is to get the best possible price for the home, as quickly as possible with the least amount of hassles. For the majority of sellers the most important result is actually getting it sold.

The seller should realize the importance of using a professional who works full time to accomplish their goals. There are a lot of things that must be fully understood and just finding a buyer is only a small part of the process. There are over 100 pieces of paper that need to be signed and making a mistake can be very costly.

Technology has rapidly changed buyers behavior when they are looking to buy a home. The percentage of buyers who use the internet to search for homes has increased to 94%, according to the National Association of Realtors’ 2016 Profile of Home Buyers & SellersThis report also made not that 96% of buyers who used the internet purchased their home either from a builder, builders agent or with a real estate agent/broker. Only 2% bought their home directly from a seller whom the buyer did not know.

Buyers search for homes online but then seek assistance of an agent to find the home they intend to buy (50%), to negotiate the terms of the sale (47%) & price (36%), or to help understand the process (61%). The plethora of information now available has resulted in an increase in the percentage of buyers that reach out to real estate professionals to “connect the dots.” This is obvious, as the percentage of overall buyers who have used agents to buy their homes has steadily increased from 69% in 2001.

Bottom Line

If you are thinking of selling your home, don’t underestimate the role a real estate professional can play in the process.

Moving Labels Make it Easy



After you have actually found that perfect home and the contract has been accepted. Your mind is probably ready to explode with all the projects that have to be accomplished. We want to help you and here is one step to make it easier as you go on this journey!

You have to pack up our old home! It is the perfect opportunity to get rid of all that junk that has been piling up through the years. Keeping everything organized and easy to find once you’ve moved to the new home, this helps tremendously…a little planning makes it so much easier.

Have you ever moved and wondered where in the world that special item is? So this time, we have something to help you keep your move more organized!

Simply print these labels on sheet label paper, each sheet will give you 4 labels, simply cut and you’re ready to go. If you have more boxes in any given room, simply print another sheet. It’s EASY Peezy! The room sign or inventory sheets can be printed on plain paper. For all the money-saving peeps out there, print out labels on paper and use packing tape to apply to the box! Just make sure you cover the entire label with the packing tape. Make sure you add a label to each side of the box ~ that way it will be visible from any direction.

You’ll get 4 labels per one a4 sticker paper sheet. Each room has its own color that will really pop out on the boxes. To go along with these, you will have room signs/inventory sheets. They are matching with the corresponding color. When packing up, simply list down which box number and its contents under each room. Put the list in a special place and then when moving day comes, stick the paper on the door or wall of the room so that your movers or friends know exactly which box goes to what room by matching the color! Nice, clear and easy peezy!

It’s TIME to Clear the Way for April Showers

Clear the Way for April Showers

The rainy season is just around the corner. Now is a great time to make sure your gutters are free of any leaves and debris that might cause a backup.

Well maintained gutters will keep water flowing away from your home and away from where water can do some real damage to your landscaping, siding, and foundation.



What: Gutters need to be cleared of leaves and debris that may have accumulated in order to function properly.

Why: Clogged gutters can wreak havoc on your roof, siding, and foundation. These repairs can be extremely expensive.
How: Many homeowners opt into a service contract with a gutter cleaning company that schedules twice a year. We recommend these plans because they are typically affordable and there is potential danger involved with accessing the gutters on many homes. Generally these specialists will get up on a ladder and check & clear the gutters & downspouts of debris. Clearing them can often be challenging due to baked on foliage (spring) or frozen leaves (winter) attached to the insides of the channels, so if you are doing this yourself, make sure you have a good ladder and a spotter helping you out. Water is generally run through the system after the channels are cleared. Make sure that all of your downspouts are extended away from the foundation at the ground level. Often, it may be necessary to regrade your soil in some spots so that all water is directed away from your home.