Ways to Prepare Your House to Sell

Is 2016 the year for you to make a move? Do you know what you need to know in order to prepare your house to sell for profit?
You may think you know everything you need in order to maximize your sales price when you’re ready to sell your home. We certainly thought we did, until we met Debbie Baumann, an accredited Staging Professional in North TX.  Debbie has great strategies for making your rooms look fabulous.
It’s important to recognize that today’s home buyer is 95% inclined to begin his or her home search online.  It’s absolutely essential to get the very best photographic representation of your home, and that requires professional preparation and professional photography.  The difference between a house that hasn’t been prepared for the camera and one that has could mean tens of thousands of dollars captured or lost in the sale of your home.
So here are some tips:
Clear all unnecessary objects from the furniture throughout your house. Anything smaller than a grapefruit looks like clutter in the pictures!
If you have to have some items on the counters in the kitchen or bath, group them by use, and perhaps place them on trays or in limited space.

Clear the refrigerator front of ALL messages and pictures.

Take down pictures.  Leave only black and white photos and photos of family members no longer living.

You can’t sell a house if you can’t see it, so walk around the outside and get heavy-handed with the pruning shears.

All of these tips are part of how you prepare your house to sell for profit.  We know that staging is marketing and it is the single most effective tool you can use to maximize your sale price.  It doesn’t need to cost much to prepare your house.  The goal is to recognize that the way you live and the way you show a house are two different things.

When you’re ready to prepare your house to sell for profit, contact us for additional ideas and a custom and confidential meeting with specific advice for you and your house!


shutterstock_180774698Whether you’re planning to furnish a new build, or you’re simply seeking to give your current home a makeover, you don’t have to break the bank to do so. There are countless ways to make a big impact easily and affordably. There are also several do-it-yourself options that can save a bundle on unnecessary labor costs. Here are some ideas to design your interior spaces on an easy budget.

Add or Change Your Color Palette

Adding a splash of color, or changing the hue in a room, is a very simple way to make an immediate impact. Paint is relatively affordable, and if you tackle the project yourself, it becomes an extremely economical way to make a dramatic statement.

Consider painting an entire room, or just an accent wall for a more subtle impression. Fresh paint can also do wonders for old furniture. Consider a completely new color for furniture, or a weathering technique to provide a rustic or even vintage look.

A whole kitchen remodel can become extremely pricy. Painting old or slightly dated cabinets is a great way to offer a fresh look at a fraction of the cost. Adding new hardware and drawer pulls provides extra character and charm both easily and affordably, to kitchen or bathroom cabinets.

Do It Yourself

One of the best ways to furnish or decorate an interior on a budget is to do it yourself whenever possible. Utilize your existing personal talents, but also don’t be afraid to step outside of your comfort zone and attempt a new project. Instructional videos and books can assist in walking you through new projects step-by-step. Of course, YouTube is a great place to find inspiration or instruction, should you need either.

Consider installing your own tile, laminate or linoleum floors or refinishing the wood floors you already have. Install updated plumbing fixtures or light fixtures to add a modern touch, and also save on utility costs.

Refurbish previously-owned or antique furniture as opposed to buying new. You could even consider crafting your own unique window treatments, utilizing the many ideas and tools available online.

Pinterest is a great place to find inspiration for do-it-yourself project ideas, including wall décor, unique shelving options, headboard ideas, fireplace makeovers, coffee tables or even crafty light fixtures.

When considering do-it-yourself decorating options, see if you can use things you already have around the house that will cost you nothing. Cut and display decorative grasses, ivy, cattails or seasonal flowers. Dry the flowers and grasses to create wreaths or swags to be hung, or use them for display in vases or decorative bottles and vintage jars.

For a project the entire family can enjoy, consider hand-crafting your own scented candles that can be used in any room. Another family decorating idea: Frame and display your child’s artwork, family photographs or landscapes that hold meaning, as opposed to purchasing pricy artwork in stores.

Furnishing Your Home on a Budget

Be mindful and creative when shopping for home furnishings on a budget. Shop at flea markets, antique shops and garage sales for statement pieces such as bedroom sets, dining sets or armoires that can be refurbished to fit your style and taste. Browse websites such as Craig’s List for unique bargains, or even look for contractor specials on premium, previously unused items.

Keep function in mind when planning budget kitchen décor, as opposed to purchasing unnecessary knick-knacks. Hang pots and pans for both use and charm, or fill and showcase decorative jars or canisters with kitchen essentials. Display large serving platters and baskets, and fill them with edibles such as seasonal fruits or vegetables. Hang everyday mugs on a fashionable rack and store cooking utensils in a trendy wire caddy or unique piece of pottery – or even hang them from metal brackets or a utility rail to add style and save counter space.

Decorating or refurnishing a home on a budget can be both fun and easily achieved. Remember to be clever and creative, shop wisely, and do what you can to save money while in turn crafting a unique and meaningful environment the entire family will enjoy.


Home Staging on a Budget

Home Staging on a Budget

Why do model homes sell so well? The builder wants you to see yourself living in the home. So, when you get ready to sell your home you want to show your home’s best features by staging it effectively, you help increase your final selling price without breaking the bank; in fact, on average, sellers receive $2 in increased sale price for every $1 they put into staging a home.  As our infographic Shows…

The following five golden rules of home staging will help you show off its best assets:

The five golden rules are:

    1. De-personalize: While your family photos are beautiful and your kids’ drawings on the fridge are adorable, buyers want to be able to picture themselves in the house- and that means putting away your photos, clearing your closets from unnecessary clutter, and using matching hangers to give your closet more visual impact.
    1. Maximize: Declutter and maximize the area in your home. Stuffed closets make your closet space look insufficient, so consider storing excess belongings offsite. You can also quickly improve your bedroom’s aesthetic by using gender neutral colors when accessorizing so that the color scheme appeals to more people. A headboard, a cohesive color scheme, and a few decorative items also improve the look of a bedroom, while removing extra clutter (office furniture, power strips, televisions, etc) will make the room feel more relaxing.
    1. Sanitize: No one wants to move into a dirty home, so clean your home to make it much more appealing to prospective buyers. Clear your countertops to make the space look larger, and enhance the open feel with white bath and hand towels on display. Clean dirty shower doors with a solution of one part muriatic acid and ten parts water. Bathrooms and kitchens are the two essential areas of the home, and they can make or break a deal.
    1. Modernize: A dated-looking home means a lower offer, so modernize your home wherever possible. Small changes, like replacing gold fixtures or brass and wooden cabinet hardware with nickel, chrome, brushed silver, or stainless steel, will go a long way towards updating your home. You can quickly update the look of flat appliances such as dishwashers and refrigerators by using stainless steel stick-on coverings or specialty appliance paints. While you’re in the kitchen, go ahead and declutter your cabinets, drawers, and oven- buyers will look inside every nook and cranny. Also, you can make your kitchen space look larger by removing rugs.
  1. Neutralize: Keeping a neutral color scheme can help your buyers envision themselves in your home, especially in a statement-making area like the dining room. Set the table simply to create visual interest, and add a vase with fresh flowers for a beautiful focal point. Add lighting and emphasize any natural light your home gets using a mirror and subtle lamps. Don’t forget to adjust your window treatments to maximize your staging. Keep your curtains neutral or choose ones with subtle designs; sheer curtains also let in more light so that your home looks more appealing. Set the rods as high as possible and use thin rods to maximize the space.

A few simple tweaks can increase your home’s selling price by hundreds, or even thousands, of dollars. Use these guidelines to stage your home effectively so that you get the best possible price on your house.

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Why the Light Bulb May One Day be Your Favorite Staging Tool

It’s true!  Have you ever been in a home that seems dark, dingy or have those energy saving lightbulbs?  When showing a home you want it not only clean but you want the lighting to give a nice warm & inviting glow!!!  The first impression is critical.  Make sure the bulbs are working when the light switch is flipped on too.  LightBulbIt really does come down to the little things.  Give a buyer the impression that you have taken good care of the home.   If the lights don’t even work…it makes the buyer wonder,  how well does this seller take care of the more important things in the home…like the HVAC, the air filters, the things you don’t see.  When putting your home on the market….you are on display… make sure your lights are not part of their decision process.

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CES 2015: Why the Light Bulb May One Day be Your Favorite Staging Tool.

Don’t Wait For Spring! Sell Now….

Don’t wait to sell that gorgeous house.  Now this is a great time! Serious buyers are looking and relocating!
Houzz brings us great decorating ideas:

Five Feng Shui Concepts to Help a Home Sell

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To put the best face on a listing and appeal to buyers who follow feng shui principles, keep these tips in mind.
1. Pay special attention to the front door, which is considered the “mouth of chi” (chi is the “life force” of all things) and one of the most powerful aspects of the entire property. Abundance, blessings, opportunities, and good fortune enter through the front door. It’s also the first impression buyers have of how well the sellers have taken care of the rest of the property. Make sure the area around the front door is swept clean, free of cobwebs and clutter. Make sure all lighting is straight and properly hung. Better yet, light the path leading up to the front door to create an inviting atmosphere.

2. Chi energy can be flushed away wherever there are drains in the home. To keep the good forces of a home in, always keep the toilet seats down and close the doors to bathrooms.

3. The master bed should be in a place of honor, power, and protection, which is farthest from and facing toward the entryway of the room. It’s even better if you can place the bed diagonally in the farthest corner. Paint the room in colors that promote serenity, relaxation, and romance, such as soft tones of green, blue, and lavender.

4. The dining room symbolizes the energy and power of family togetherness. Make sure the table is clear and uncluttered during showings. Use an attractive tablecloth to enhance the look of the table while also softening sharp corners.

5. The windows are considered to be the eyes of the home. Getting the windows professionally cleaned will make the home sparkle and ensure that the view will be optimally displayed.

Source: Sell Your Home Faster With Feng Shui by Holly Ziegler (Dragon Chi Publications, 2001)

Staging-What a little bit of staging can do to help sell your home!

Don’t make this mistake.  For very little money you can make your home features much more appealing to that buyer.

What a difference with just a few changes…this can make your home sell faster & get more money!  Stage it!  For more info:

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