Appliance Manuals and Receipts in One Place

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“You’re going to love HomeKeepr’s new features! You can now store your appliance manuals and purchase receipts all in the app. Clean out the junk drawer. It’s easy too. No typing… Just take pictures using the HomeKeepr app and you’re on your way.”
Joi & Guy McKinney, REALTORS®

All a homeowner has to do is snap a picture of the product ID tag of their refrigerator, washer, oven, or any other major appliance, and we’ll do the rest. The Homekeepr app will match the right manual to their appliance’s model number, and upload it directly into their HomeKeepr profile. They can even upload a receipt for the appliance to their account as well, and bingo! A complete record is at our client’s fingertips.

Why our clients love this?
Because the first thing most homeowners do when they move in is LOSE their appliance manuals and receipts. That means they can’t get service under their warranty. But as your trusty and innovative REALTORS® at Triple Crown Realty…we want to help our clients settle into their new homes and make things easier for them.Having manuals and warranties at your fingertips makes it easy to call for service… or figure out how to change that pesky part when necessary.

It’s a win for you, and you’re able to find whatever you need next time you’re in a jam and need information.

The feature is only available at HomeKeepr for Homeowners… so make sure to sign in as a Homeowner now!
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Over Half of Americans Planning on Buying in the Next 5 Years

Over Half of Americans Planning on Buying in the Next 5 Years | Keeping Current MattersAccording to the BMO Harris Bank Home Buying Report, 52% of Americans say they are likely to buy a home in the next five years. Americans surveyed for the report said that they would be willing to pay an average of $296,000 for a home and would average a 21% down payment. The report also included other interesting revelations.

Those Looking to Buy

  • 74% of those looking to buy a new home will consult with a real estate agent
  • 59% said they will visit online real estate websites
  • 37% will seek recommendations from friends and family
  • 78% plan to get pre-approved before seriously searching for a home

Those Who Already Own

  • 75% of current homeowners set a budget before looking for a home, and 16% ended up spending less while 13% went over their budget.
  • 63% of American homeowners spent under six months looking for a new home before they made a purchase.
  • 8% bought their home without participating in an active real estate search – or even any plan to buy at all – because a specific property caught their attention.

The last point is very interesting: Of those who purchased a home, 8% bought “without any plan to buy at all”. A property caught their attention and they acted on it.

Why Are More People Not Planning Their Next Move?

Why are people that are considering a move not putting their home search to a plan, and instead, buying only when a property catches their attention? An article by Fannie Mae reveals evidence that a large number of homeowners are dramatically underestimating the equity they have in their current home. The report explains that:

“Homeowners may be underestimating their home equity. In particular, if homeowners believe that large down payments are now required to purchase a home, then widespread, large underestimates of their home equity could be deterring them from applying for mortgages, selling their homes, and buying different homes.”

Bottom Line

Perhaps it is time to sit down with us, your real estate professionals, to determine the actual equity you have in your house and to take a look at the opportunities that currently exist in the real estate market. This may be the perfect time to move-up, move-down or buy that vacation home your family has always wanted.

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bird flock pigeon wonderful picture

Do birds of a feather flock together?

The complete proverb is Birds of a feather flock together, and it means ‘people who have similar characters or similar interests will often choose to spend time together’. So does this determine where you will live or spend your time when you purchase a home? Location, Location, Location…Zipcode, Zipcode Zipcode…the answer is, probably to some degree.

Ever wonder what the zip code says about you? Why do you live where you live? Is it because of the location, amenities and those of like minds…

Click here and type in your ZIP Code to see demographic and lifestyle information about your neighborhood.

As REALTORS® we are held to a standard

We have a duty to our clients and customers, duties to the public and duties to other realtors. Here at Triple Crown Realty DFW we are very serious about our duties! We are proud to be equal opportunity professionals.

What Everyone Should Know About Equal Opportunity Housing

We agree to:

  • Provide equal professional service without regard to the race, color, religion, sex, handicap, familial status, national origin or sexual orientation of any prospective client, customer, or of the residents of any community.
  • Keep informed about fair housing law and practices, improving our clients’ and customers’ opportunities and our business.
  • Develop advertising that indicates that everyone is welcome and no one is excluded;, expanding our client’s and customer’s opportunities to see, buy, or lease property.
  • Inform our clients and customers about their rights and responsibilities under the fair housing laws by providing brochures and other information.
  • Document our efforts to provide professional service, which will assist us in becoming  more responsive and successful REALTORS®.
  • Refuse to tolerate non-compliance.
  • Learn about those who are different from us, and celebrate those differences.
  • Take a positive approach to fair housing practices and aspire to follow the spirit as well as the letter of the law.
  • Develop and implement fair housing practices for our firm to carry out the spirit of this declaration.