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Love Me Some Interior Design

Have a bathroom that could use some updating? Well, sometimes it doesn’t have to be a lot! You can stay within your budget!

One of my favorite designers is incredible, she lives in California – one of my favorite places. So I wanted to share a really cool video that she has on youtube, in fact, she has lots of awesome videos. I’ve watched her decorating videos for years…and years! Because secretly, I think I really wanted to be an interior designer too!

Hope you like it as much as I do and get some great ideas! I also love to go look at model homes… you can get so many great ideas for decorating. Take a look at the ideas in the video and let me know what you think!


Thank you, Rebecca Robeson, from Robeson Designs… you are awesome!

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Should I Switch Real Estate Brokers?

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The Title Commitment

The title commitment is produced after the title company has received a copy of a signed sales contract and a check for earnest money. The commitment reviews the status of title, lists title issues and defects that need to be addressed or “cured” before closing, and states any other preconditions to issuance of a title policy.

This is not the same thing as title insurance. Click here to learn about Title Insurance.

The title commitment consists of Schedules A through D plus various notices and disclaimers.

    • Schedule A Sets out the date of the commitment, who the title company is proposing to insure (both purchaser & lender –if financed), the amount of title liability, the property title is insuring and how title to the property is currently held.
    • Schedule B lists exclusions and exceptions to coverage, including such matters as deed restrictions, setback requirements, and utility easements. These are items that affect the property and will probably always affect the property.
    • Schedule C Shows items that must be resolved prior to closing. These items might include include existing liens, bankruptcies, abstracts of judgement, marital status issues, probate issues, vesting problems or mechanic’s lien affidavits.The title company routinely requires release of these. If there are more serious issues like mechanic’s liens, judgments against the seller, tax liens, lawsuits affecting title, heirship issues due to a previous owner dying without a will, or gaps in the chain of title, the commitment will indicate what must be done if title is to be insured in the name of the new owner. Specific curative action may be required.
    • Schedule D is a disclosure of ownership of the title insurance company and underwriter as required by regulatory law. It also shows the estimated premiums to be charged at closing. Please review your contract to determine what you will be charged.
      • Please note this information does not constitute legal advise 


Title Insurance – Do You Need It?

In short, title insurance protects against problems affecting the title to your home. You may think having a serious problem with your title is rather remote, but, in fact, title companies find problems in 25% of their title searches. Common problems are liens against the property from unpaid sub-contractors, unpaid property or income taxes or judgment holders. Other issues that can cloud title that are not so easy to detect include forged signatures in the chain of title, recording errors, undisclosed easements and title claims by missing heirs or ex-spouses.

There are two types of title insurance—an owner’s policy and a lender’s policy. When you obtain a new loan, the lender will require you to purchase a lender’s policy. A lender’s title policy protects the lender’s interest in the property should a problem arise. It does not cover the owner’s equity in the property, and will not pay the homeowner’s legal expenses if there is a problem. Only an owner’s title insurance policy will protect the homeowner. Owner’s title insurance is optional, but it protects the homeowner by paying claims and legal fees should a problem arise with the title of a property. Owner’s title insurance is purchased for a one-time fee at the original purchase and provides coverage for as long as you own an interest in the property or provide financing for a subsequent buyer. It also covers any liabilities you have under the title warranties you make when you sell the property.

A title insurance policy is your protection against loss of your rights to the property. When you consider that your home is probably your most valuable asset, title insurance makes fnancial sense.


Make it A Great 2017

If your thinking about buying or selling you home, you need to consider using a professional to help you navigate the journey.


We can help you put all the pieces together.


With first hand knowledge of the market, in our area, we run stat reports for the trends from one neighborhood area to another-yes they can be different. Are homes selling for 97% or 101% of asking price? How do you know what the best offer is when selling your home…is it really just the sales price? What does it take to win when a buyer is in multiple offers? What is the inventory like…the absorption rate? We help you understand the different dynamics of accepting an offer or presenting an offer and our consulting skills help you understand your options so you can make intelligent choices.


Whether buying or selling a home there needs to be good access to the home. Buyers usually need a Realtor® or agent to access a home-unless it is an open house.  The good news for a buyer is it costs the buyers nothing to hire a Realtor®. Seller’s generally find having an agent is a much safer alternative than just allowing anyone into their home. The use of a secure lockbox that only a buyers agent has access to is generally the best way for allowing buyers access to tour the home. If you are considering FSBO, consider your safety…who is actually coming into your home and why are they really there?


As a REALTOR® who has worked with many service providers over the years, we can recommend excellent trustworthy lenders, inspectors, title companies and even lawyers, if the need arises. We have a special list of local service providers who we trust and can recommendation, from interior designers, stagers, plumbers, electricians, handymen and other service trades throughout the real estate transaction and when you hire us we are happy to share these resources.


When we represent you, you’ll have an experienced advocate and negotiator. Buying a home is an emotional process. For most people, it’s the biggest transaction of their life and it’s often done during other major life changes, such as a job relocation, “right” sizing for a growing family or empty nesters, or in the unfortunate event of a job loss, a bankruptcy or even a divorce. Strong emotions and stress can muddle ones judgment – this can cause you to make a decision you might later regret.

As your agent, we look at a transaction from a business perspective with an experienced, clearer and unemotional perspective. We can help you better understand your options, and serve as a balance against making decisions that might be reckless. Sometimes even family member who are trying to protect you may even give you advice that is incorrect.

When at the negotiating table, we are your advocate…we treat your money like it is our money. Money is an emotional issue and we’ll get you the best deal possible, without letting strong feelings get in the way. At Triple Crown Realty, this is particularly true – we want you to be 100 percent satisfied with the home you purchase.


On the buy-side, an agent services are free. Some believe that they’ll save money by not using an agent to buy a home. This isn’t true. The entire commission on a home purchase is paid by the seller to the seller’s broker, who in turn gives part of the commission (usually half) to the buyer’s broker.

It’s tempting to think that if you don’t use an agent, you will save money, but this is generally not the case. Before the listing even goes on the market, the commission rate is agreed upon via a listing agreement contract with the listing agent and the seller. If you as a buyer, decide you don’t need representation from a buyer’s agent, the entire commission is then paid to the listing agents broker. The listing agents broker would have to agree to change the listing agreement contract to cut you in on part of that compensation, and this is highly unlikely.


Drafting or receiving a contract can be complex and knowing the contract inside and out is very important. As you can imagine, every –i- must be dotted and every –t- must be crossed, because there are 100 pieces of paper requiring upwards to 43 signatures and initials, and making a mistake can be very costly to you.

Every item in the contract is important. Failing to know the importance of certain line items could cost you a lot of money down the road. Knowing what to look for or how to write an offer with the the best possible terms allows us to ensure your interests are protected and that your offer is accepted.

Why it is important to use a full time experienced REALTOR®? Every transaction has 100 to 150 phone calls alone, and each one of them is loaded with critical details.  How does it make you feel knowing that there are 43 different people from 14 different industries who get involved during the seven stages of your transaction?


It’s important that you find an agent that is dedicated, knowledgeable about the different aspects of the transaction and has no conflict of interests. It is important they are committed to you! We believe good communication, transparency and working hard for our clients is very important… for you choosing the right agent is just as important as making sure a home is the right fit for you!