Months Supply of Inventory for Highland Shores and more

Months Supply….what does that mean?

We are not here to convince you to buy or to sell….we are here to help analyze & explain the market, to help you to make good solid decisions and to guide & consult you through the process. We are always wanting to educate & help our clients so they get the best price, in the least amount of time and with the least amount of hassle!

Months Supply

This is the number of months that it would take for all the homes for sale in the search area to sell!

The average supply is about 4-5 months.  A balanced market is about a 6 month supply.

If less than 4 months this means the buyers are dominating the market and there are more buyers than sellers.  In other words, it is a SELLERS MARKET!

The greater this number, greater than 5 months, this means there are more sellers than there are buyers. A BUYERS MARKET!

This is important to know whether your a 1st time home buyer or a 20th time buyer or seller.  We have lots of great information for our clients to educate them to the area markets, because they can be different in different cities!


For our buyers & sellers,  we calculate the months supply in specific neighborhoods, zip codes, cities, or countys’  they are looking to buy or sell in, to determine approximately what the the market is doing.  This is great for anyone relocating to the area.

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