Moving Labels Make it Easy



After you have actually found that perfect home and the contract has been accepted. Your mind is probably ready to explode with all the projects that have to be accomplished. We want to help you and here is one step to make it easier as you go on this journey!

You have to pack up our old home! It is the perfect opportunity to get rid of all that junk that has been piling up through the years. Keeping everything organized and easy to find once you’ve moved to the new home, this helps tremendously…a little planning makes it so much easier.

Have you ever moved and wondered where in the world that special item is? So this time, we have something to help you keep your move more organized!

Simply print these labels on sheet label paper, each sheet will give you 4 labels, simply cut and you’re ready to go. If you have more boxes in any given room, simply print another sheet. It’s EASY Peezy! The room sign or inventory sheets can be printed on plain paper. For all the money-saving peeps out there, print out labels on paper and use packing tape to apply to the box! Just make sure you cover the entire label with the packing tape. Make sure you add a label to each side of the box ~ that way it will be visible from any direction.

You’ll get 4 labels per one a4 sticker paper sheet. Each room has its own color that will really pop out on the boxes. To go along with these, you will have room signs/inventory sheets. They are matching with the corresponding color. When packing up, simply list down which box number and its contents under each room. Put the list in a special place and then when moving day comes, stick the paper on the door or wall of the room so that your movers or friends know exactly which box goes to what room by matching the color! Nice, clear and easy peezy!

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