Appliance Manuals and Receipts in One Place

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“You’re going to love HomeKeepr’s new features! You can now store your appliance manuals and purchase receipts all in the app. Clean out the junk drawer. It’s easy too. No typing… Just take pictures using the HomeKeepr app and you’re on your way.”
Joi & Guy McKinney, REALTORS®

All a homeowner has to do is snap a picture of the product ID tag of their refrigerator, washer, oven, or any other major appliance, and we’ll do the rest. The Homekeepr app will match the right manual to their appliance’s model number, and upload it directly into their HomeKeepr profile. They can even upload a receipt for the appliance to their account as well, and bingo! A complete record is at our client’s fingertips.

Why our clients love this?
Because the first thing most homeowners do when they move in is LOSE their appliance manuals and receipts. That means they can’t get service under their warranty. But as your trusty and innovative REALTORS® at Triple Crown Realty…we want to help our clients settle into their new homes and make things easier for them.Having manuals and warranties at your fingertips makes it easy to call for service… or figure out how to change that pesky part when necessary.

It’s a win for you, and you’re able to find whatever you need next time you’re in a jam and need information.

The feature is only available at HomeKeepr for Homeowners… so make sure to sign in as a Homeowner now!
Click here to download the HomeKeepr App

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