WALK-THROUGH … Prior to Closing


The final walk through is a buyers chance to ensure all negotiation obligations have been met and nothing is our of sorts before closing on escrow.


Click on Infograph to see larger version of the What to do at the Final Walk Through

Optimally, if the buyer has had a home inspection, the inspection company provided them with the items of concern and these items have been addressed in the negotiations in the earlier stages of the buying process.

The walk-through is usually done as close to the closing date as possible. It is the responsibility of the buyer(s) to be there. If this is impossible, then someone, other than the agent, must be there on their behalf. During the walk-thru the buyer will be checking to see that the property is in the same “condition” as it was when the home was being shown. ie. no holes in the walls, no flooded bathroom, etc..If there were any agreed upon repairs,  they have been made and can be verified and checked at this time. Also, any personal property that was to remain at the property per the negotiations and contract/addenda(s) are as expected.

The following is a partial list of suggested items that should be checked during your “walk-through”.


Please understand this is your time to insure your new home is in substantially the same condition as it was when you agreed to purchase it, and that the heating, cooling, plumbing, electrical, etc. systems are all operational. You need to be satisfied now because issues found after settlement will not be the sellers responsibility.

CHECKLIST     NOTE: This is not intended to be a complete list!  

Inspect ceilings, walls, floors now that they are barren. Turn on and off every light switch, test all outlets, appliances and even the garage door opener. Check around all visible piping for leaks or cracks. Run sink and tub water. Flush toilets. Open and close all the windows-check for broken panes. Test all of the appliances. Check that the doors work properly. Try out the garbage disposal and any exhaust fans. Test the heating and air conditions

____ Water faucets have hot and cold water
____ All burners/elements on range turn on/heat up
____ Oven heats
____ Microwave is operational
____ Garbage Disposal is operational
____ Ceiling fan is operational
____ Refrigerator and freezer are cold
____ Dishwasher cycles

____ Water faucets have hot & cold water
____ Toilet flushes
____ Tub/shower has hot & cold water and drains properly

____ Heater turns on
____ Air conditioner turns on

Miscellaneous & any other things:
____ All ceiling fans, garage doors, etc. are operational
____ Clothes washer cycles (if remaining with the home-usually not the case in Texas)
____ Clothes dryer cycles (if remaining with the home-usually not the case in Texas)

Normally your agent has informed you about this day and will be providing a form that will acknowledge you have inspected the property and found it either to be in  satisfactory condition with all systems operational and left as expected and that the home is still acceptable in it’s “as-is” condition or it is not in satisfactory condition and you wish to negotiate a financial arrangement to correct the item(s) in order to facilitate closing as scheduled.

Let’s hope all parties involved have done their part per the contract, the home is left in the conditions expected and its now time to head to the title company to sign the documents that will allow the buyer to become the new homeowners!

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