AGAIN?…Our Property Tax Statements Just Arrived!


As you may know, the property tax statements are just being delivered to homeowners! 


Lets’ Put Up Our Dooks! 

Our PROPERTY TAX bill arrived yesterday from Denton County Appraisal District, and we are NOT happy! So, you may be getting the same news. Values are up, the appraisal districts know it, so they are going to push the limits. BUT, we can help you. Each year, our clients know that we can help them fight their property taxes (don’t pay those people in the mail when we can provide you the information so you can do it for free).

Many of you call us each year, and we know you have success with getting your taxes lowered. So, CALL us or simply fill out the form below. We are ready to help you, AND we will provide some helpful information when you, your family and friends decide to protest your property taxes….the window of time to protest is short…don’t delay! 

For those of you that think its great to see their property value is going up …. it is…but you will pay the price-property tax price! With the home values climbing and if you are planning to stay in your home a while, you should consider protesting your property taxes. We can help! Let us know by clicking on the form below if you need our help!

We can provide a Comparative Market Analysis (CMA) that may help you if you decide to appeal your property taxes – we can not guarantee the appraisal district will grant a change in their appraisal and there could also be a chance they may increase the amount assessed.

Click here and FILL OUT THIS FORM 

Our goal is to bring you info to help because we have a heart of a teacher, one to educate so you make good decisions in your real estate endeavors.


How to Protest:


Video of How to Present Your Case

Texans Pay Some of the Highest Property Taxes in the Country

Property Taxes Without the Headache? Absolutely.  These services charge a fee for a report you can use to appeal your property taxes. See article.

2018 Dallas News Article

Tax Code Section 23.23(a) sets a limit on the amount of annual increase to the appraised value of a residence homestead to not exceed the lesser of:

  • the market value of the property; or
  • the sum of:
    • 10 percent of the appraised value of the property for last year;
    • the appraised value of the property for last year; and
    • the market value of all new improvements to the property.

Tax Code Section 23.23(e) defines a new improvement as an improvement to a residence homestead made after the most recent appraisal of the property that increases its market value and was not included in the appraised value of the property for the preceding tax year. It does not include repairs to or ordinary maintenance of an existing structure, the grounds or another feature of the property. Tax Code Section 23.23(f) states that a replacement structure for one that was rendered uninhabitable or unusable by a casualty or by wind or water damage is also not considered a new improvement.


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