Getting Ready for those Professional Photos

First impressions matter! Buyers usually are searching online as the first thing they do when thinking about buying a home. In order to market your property we feel professional photography is critical. We market the house to “Showcase It” in the best light and maximize an interest to buyers. The info provided is important as it has some basic instructions and expectations from the professional photographers. We try to be at all photo shoots to help our clients prepare for the day about 1hr prior to the scheduled professional photographer. Please be ready for little tweaks and suggestions. We are trying to appeal to the masses and because we are with buyers daily, we really know what their comments are regarding homes.

The most important thing to remember is that 1st impression. Remove the personal, avoid clutter and make it sparkle both inside & out! Click here to see ways to prepare your house to sell. These are also things to help the home show well when agents bring buyers to the home.

Please read the following info in preparation of photo shoot:

Photo Shoot Checklist

Photographers will NOT be able to move furniture, clean countertops or assist in moving any personal property due to insurance limitations. Please follow this photo checklist as closely as possible before scheduled appointment. Everything should be clean & sparkling…indoor & outdoor fixtures, counters, stovetops and a quick vacuum makes photos really nice. 


  • Begin by turning on all lights throughout the house, including fireplaces if available.  If you are missing lightbulbs, please replace them.  It is best to use “warm” lights vs. “cold” blue fluorescents.  There are “warm” fluorescents available
  • Turn off all ceiling fans throughout the house.
  • Minimize clutter in living areas, on end tables, and other areas. (this includes Big Picture frames, phones, alarm clocks, lamp cords, etc.) Pictures on the wall can remain.
  • Remove small throw rugs and doormats/bathroom mats, large area rugs may remain in place.
  • Remove and store small kitchen appliances and other items on kitchen countertops, as well as bathroom countertops. 

♛ We advise clearing kitchen countertops as much as possible ♛

  • If you have candles or small plants, the photographer may utilize these in photos around the house.  The homeowner will be responsible for lighting any candles and/or fireplace(s).  The photographers and agents will not light these items due to insurance limitations. A better alternative is the melting pots for scented wax or Glade plug-ins in a citrus, coffee or vanilla scent. These are great for giving the home a wonderful aroma.
  • Remove toiletries from shower/tub and clear bathroom countertops.
  • All toilet lids down
  • Please keep all pets restrained on a leash or in a kennel or offsite during your appointment.


  • Yard signs (for sale signs, home security signs, school signs, etc.) will not be in the photos.
  • Store water hoses and other miscellaneous garden items out of sight.
  • Remove any toys, cleaning supplies, miscellaneous items that are not directly related to the exterior area, as well as any trash or recycling bins.
  • Arrange outdoor furniture as you would like it photographed.  if there is a patio umbrella please open it.
  • Sweep/remove leaves and other items in patio/driveway areas if possible.
  • Please clear toys and leaves or debris out of pool if any.  If there is a pool sweep or pool cleaner please remove.  The photographer will not “blue” the water or “clean” debris from pools, so please make sure pool is clean prior to appointment.

♛ Be prepared at least 1 hour before photographer plans to  arrive 

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