The market is hot in the Dallas Metroplex!  Our inventory is low & our buyers are looking at new construction as an option.  We just helped another buyer purchase this home in Fort Worth & they are thrilled!  We got them a huge savings too!  It doesn’t always happen, but when you work with a professional Realtor® your chances are much better.  It is a smart decision to have someone that is on your team and your advocate. You may not know this, but, the model home representative who brings you cookies is working for the builder.

New construction has it’s pluses with energy efficiency & deferred maintenance, however, it doesn’t always go smoothly.  There are a lot of things you need to know before you sign that contract.   Make sure you are being represented by a professional Realtor® who knows and can inform you of the pluses & minus’.   A good real estate consultant is worth their weight in gold.

Sometimes they can save you either with negotiating the price or upgrades.  It is a lot harder with the market being low on inventory now.  A lot of buyers think they can save on the price of the new home without an agent...but it’s not true.    Most builders have the commission built into their “marketing budget”, if it isn’t spent on the Realtor® commission, the builder will give some bonus to the model home rep or back into their marketing budget. It’s very rare you will see a benefit of not being represented.  Remember, model home is not  representing you at all! Yes, they are nice…but they are working for the builder.  It rarely will be a benefit to the one purchasing the home without having a professional.


Make sure you are being represented by a professional real estate consultant.  You need someone on your side!

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