Why the Light Bulb May One Day be Your Favorite Staging Tool

It’s true!  Have you ever been in a home that seems dark, dingy or have those energy saving lightbulbs?  When showing a home you want it not only clean but you want the lighting to give a nice warm & inviting glow!!!  The first impression is critical.  Make sure the bulbs are working when the light switch is flipped on too.  LightBulbIt really does come down to the little things.  Give a buyer the impression that you have taken good care of the home.   If the lights don’t even work…it makes the buyer wonder,  how well does this seller take care of the more important things in the home…like the HVAC, the air filters, the things you don’t see.  When putting your home on the market….you are on display… make sure your lights are not part of their decision process.

But Wait….there is more ⬇︎ You don’t want to miss this!

CES 2015: Why the Light Bulb May One Day be Your Favorite Staging Tool.

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